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About Vanity Fridge

After being met with disappointment when searching for the perfect skin care fridge, only to be left with unsatisfying options, Vanity Fridge was born to help solve the problem. We broke into the market providing mini fridges that are actually “mini,” allowing you to store your skin care products in a compact, easy-to-access and store fridge that won’t get in the way and can easily and attractively be displayed in your vanity area.

Wisper quiet performance

Designed with a negligible noise level of 42Db, it efficiently cools down to 40°F-45°F or heat up to 60°F without any annoying humming sound disturbing your sleep or peace!

Customized interior design

With a well-built in internal space of 20 x 13 x 14 cm and easily removable racks, it offers you generous capacity and flexibility to accommodate different skincare product sizes.

Sleek, modern and portable

A truly compact, lightweight and sleek table top fridge. With a top handle and two additional adapters included to provide handy charging either at home or in the car, you can take it take it wherever you please!

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